Essential oils for facial rejuvenation: recipes at home

Natural cosmetics contain essential oils for facial skin rejuvenation. These organic components prolong the beauty and youth of a woman. Popular and effective recipes will help every woman choose the right product and method of preparation according to her skin type.

Preventive measures are aimed at suppressing wrinkles, unevenness, skin laxity. Essential oils are antioxidants, thanks to which inflammations are reduced and wounds are healed, skin elasticity is restored, and its color improves.

It is recommended not to use natural oils in their pure form, but mixed with neutral creams. The substance should be selected according to its useful properties and limitations of use.

Basic tips for using essential oils

Compliance with special recommendations will help to avoid problems associated with skin diseases:

  • Be sure to mix the oil with basic cosmetics.
  • It is recommended to test the skin in advance for sensitivity to natural substances.
  • A pregnant woman must receive expert advice in order to avoid the negative effects of cosmetics on the fetus.
  • During breastfeeding, it is impossible to predict the effect of oil on the condition of the baby.

Due to its strong effect, the natural substance in its natural state and in large quantities causes irritation and can lead to burns.

Rose oil face mask

rose oil for skin rejuvenation

Rose oil is a valuable product obtained from fresh rose petals. In this case, different methods of its selection are used. To get 1 ml of natural substance, it is necessary to collect 5 kg of petals. As a result of the use of oil, the skin regeneration process is accelerated, the metabolism in the cells is stimulated.

When applied to the face, it is recommended to combine rose oil with coconut or olive oil. It is necessary to mix a few drops in a ratio of 2: 4, and then apply the resulting mixture to a previously cleansed face. The mask should work in 15-20 minutes. Then the mask should be washed off with special cleaning agents.

Antiaging oils should be applied before going to bed on clean skin to avoid interaction with decorative cosmetics.

The healing properties of rose petals can reduce puffiness under the eyes, make dark circles less noticeable and hydrate the skin. One drop of the natural product in combination with the daily care cream is applied in circular motions. The use of the mask is not recommended to be permanent. Enough use for 2 weeks in a month.

Carrot seed elixir mask

carrot and carrot oil for skin rejuvenation

Carrot is a plant that contains useful substances that have a beneficial effect on human skin.

Carrot is a reference plant in terms of vitamin A (retinol) content. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that slows down the aging and withering of the skin, narrows the pores, normalizes the balance of water and fat, increases its resistance to various environmental factors - frost, wind, sun.

Vitamins in the composition of carrot seeds slow down aging and restore water balance, making the skin of the face resistant to external influences. The oil can be combined with almost all cosmetic products.

To prepare a rejuvenating mask, it is necessary to mix equal proportions (2 tablespoons) of carrot seed oil and apricot kernel oil. Add 8 drops of rose oil. The resulting product, whose shelf life is 2 months, is recommended to be used twice a day.

Also, seed oil can be actively added to various skin care products - creams, masks, tonics, serums, and you can also independently prepare combined oils for facial skin rejuvenation.

An old incense mask

face mask with rejuvenating oil

Frankincense is one of the oldest incenses. The Chinese were the first to use it in religious practice. Therefore, everyone associates this oil with the church: after burning incense, an unusual smell comes out that is familiar to all of us, which is called "incense".

The oil not only emits specific smells, but also has meditative effects. The smell of incense is very relaxing, relieves stress and soothes.

Frankincense oil is the best medicine for the prevention of age spots. The substance in its natural form gives an even tone to the skin of the face and visibly narrows the pores. Frankincense is considered a medicinal plant that treats burns and various skin diseases.

To improve the condition of the facial skin, mix 10 drops of frankincense oil with 30 drops of aloe vera oil. The resulting mass will remove dry skin and small wounds in a short time.

To reduce visible age spots, use a mixture of frankincense and lavender oils. The mixture is recommended to be applied in the morning after washing with cold water.

It is strictly forbidden to use essential oils in their pure form for facial skin rejuvenation. Exceptionally, you can apply the oils in spots on the wrinkles, but before that you should check the sensitivity of the skin to such substances.

Anti-aging rosehip oil mask

rosehip oil for skin rejuvenation

Rosehip oil is a medicine that is actively used in cosmetology. With its help, the effect of rejuvenation is achieved, the condition of the skin is improved, and fine lines are smoothed out. It is a natural assistant for preserving the youth and beauty of the skin.

A natural substance made from rose hips, it is part of anti-aging products and is used to treat burns and skin damage. The useful properties of the plant help restore the skin structure, strengthen the walls of the capillaries and saturate the tissue with oxygen.

Rosehip oil is used together with other substances during massage procedures, which should be performed once every two days.

To reduce wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, mix 4 drops of rosehip essential oil with 2 drops of daily serum. The mask is applied evenly using cotton pads, which should be kept on the face for 5-7 minutes, and then remove the residue with a napkin.

Night mask for aging skin with jasmine oil

jasmine and rejuvenating jasmine oil

Jasmine is an evergreen shrub with incredibly beautiful flowers and an amazing enchanting aroma. This plant is truly unique, thanks to its medicinal properties. That is why the essential oil obtained from it, even despite its high price, is popular among those who maintain the beauty and youth of the facial skin with the help of natural remedies.

Jasmine essential oil is used to make high-quality cosmetics. Together with olive oil, the natural product tones and tightens the skin, has a favorable effect on its structure and gives a blush.

Cosmetologists recommend using a recipe for whitening cream. To do this, apply a mixture of 6 drops of jasmine oil, grape seed oil, almond oil and 4 drops of wheat oil to previously cleansed and steamed skin.

Myrrh essential oil

Exposure to free radicals leads to skin damage, causing aging and wrinkles. Myrrh oil restores a youthful appearance to the skin and improves the complexion.

To prepare the mask, mix myrrh oil (10 drops) and rosehip oil (25 ml). Apply the resulting mixture to the area around the eyes with circular massage movements.

Tips for choosing the right antiaging product

  • To achieve effective results using essential oils at home, you need to choose them correctly.
  • Women often rely on intuition, taking into account only the smell and color that they like. However, each essential oil has its own properties that must be taken into account when using it.
  • Before you choose, you must carefully familiarize yourself with the microelements included in the composition.