Reviews about Odry Cream

  • Vlad
    I removed the chicken legs using Odry Cream. Wrinkles appeared at the age of 25 years. Many treatments are available for the skin around the eyes, but their effectiveness is depressing. And then I saw the result: after 10 days. I am very pleased with the result.
    Odry Cream
  • Maria
    I bought the Odry Cream cream on the recommendation of a friend. From her I realized that the cream is very good. And then she used it on her own and literally after 3 weeks the skin became much younger. So this cream really worked.
    Odry Cream
  • Floarea
    I have been using Odry Cream for 7 weeks now. The skin has become much better - it is stretched, it has become more elastic, wrinkles have smoothed out, the color has become even. The cream was perfect for me. I advise everyone to buy this anti-wrinkle remedy.
    Odry Cream
  • Bianca
    If you have dry skin, then you need to buy Odry Cream. It is a very thick cream with a light texture. It nourishes the skin well, you can say a lot about it, it just works great!
    Odry Cream
  • Vasile
    The cream is not bad. Perfectly smoothes wrinkles and moisturizes the skin. So far, everything is fine with the Odry Cream cream, I can't say anything terrible. So I am happy with the purchase, the product does its job completely.
    Odry Cream
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